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TimeSlot by EpayUK is a tool which allows you to manage your social media content, in one central place. Everything you need to Collect, and Store social media content, is done in TimeSlot. TimeSlot connects to platforms such as IFTTT and Buffer, enabling you to send posts out to the wide spectrum of platforms both of these services offer. (each has limits, but together, you can send to more destinations. (Facebook profile, page, groups pics and articles. Twitter tweets and images. Pinterest boards (pics and videos). Instagram reminders.Linkedin Updates, article links. Tumblr quotes, video, images, audio. Google Plus. As either IFTTT and Buffer add features to their services, you'll be able to make use of those through TimeSlot. (eg, by sending from TimeSlot via Buffer, you can use the Buffer scheduling.)

TimeSlot comes with many features, such as being able to recycle streams of posts, or click to manually send just one post from a stream. When you add content to TimeSlot, you can add it as a "once off" piece of content or have it added for recycling in a stream.

In TimeSlot you can choose either a "daily" template and configure a template which runs every day, or you can run a "per day" template and configure content for certain time slots on certain days.

TimeSlot is designed as a "simple to use" tool. Many of the functions will run on a mobile phone (adding streams to time slots etc). You don't need to install anything on your PC. Simply add your stream playlists to the time slots in the week you need content distributed to, and it will automatically perform your content posts for you.

    Starter Plan

    Partner Plan

    Extra Plan

    5.50 per additional account.
    Number of Accounts
    Each "account" includes posting to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram Reminder, Tumblr, Google+ (images,articles,videos,audio links).
    1 5each >5
    AutoAuto Auto
    Images, Articles, Video links, Audio links

    Store Unlimited posts
    Archived Old Posts
    You can go back years and re-activate old images etc. Nothing is ever lost.
    Bulk Upload
    Add hundreds of image links or article links to your playlists with one click.
    View Weekly Posting Schedule per Account.
    Mobile Manager
    Manage your account scheduling and content on your mobile!.
    Personal RSS feeds
    We'll set up feeds directly into your dashboard for the niches you want.
    Hashtag groups
    Unlimited hashtag groups. Link them to stream playlists to create unique posts every time.
    Mention Tag groups
    Perfect for local business marketing. Get them to follow you.
    Daily scheduler
    Add streams to daily slots which fire every day of the week.
    Weekly scheduler
    Add streams to weekly slots which fire on specific days of the week.
    Add Fresh content
    New content is added to the front of the queue for any scheduled stream.
    Single Posting
    Push a single post from any stream as a once off.
    Full tips/tricks blog
    We are committed to making things as easy as possible for you.
    Create links to 3rd party articles with your own url, and keep eyeballs to your own site.
    Share Library
    Anyone using TimeSlot can share content with other users.
    Own Branding
    Add your branding to all pages on TimeSlot?
    Custom Dashboard
    We can add your own links to your dashboard for your clients.
    Live monitoring
    Support are notified the moment a post is missed so we can follow up.
    IFTTT Applet setups
    We know IFTTT. We'll set up applets to feed you with the latest niche market news.
    Integrate with Pocket
    Pocket is a Chrome extension. Save any article you discover on the web in Pocket, and TimeSlot will automatically add it to a pre-arranged playlist stream for publishing to your social accounts like Facebook,LinkedIn and Twitter.

    *** - We will manage all your IFTTT applets, setting up rss feed applets and more.